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Testimonials by patients for health care by Susanne Saltzman, M.D.

I came to Dr. Saltzman debilitated with Hashimoto’s, weak, barely able to swallow and with major digestive problems. After working with Dr. Saltzman I am now in remission from Hashimoto’s, have a working digestive system and a new lease on life. Her amazing combination of a brilliant diagnostic approach, coupled with supplements, herbs and classical Homeopathy works miracles! Dr. Saltzman spends more time with patients than any other clinician or alternative healer I have ever worked with. She listens compassionately and her suggestions are always spot on. She recognizes the importance of a person’s full being-spiritual and physical. I am thankful to have found her and thankful for her intuitive approach to healing.

-Linda A. Q. Hanley, Westchester County, NY

As I write, it is the night prior to Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. Our son, who is now nearly seven, has struggled with acid reflux since birth. I worked with wonderful lactation consultants during his infancy and our pediatrician guided us as he thought best. We began giving our son “proton pump inhibitors” (otherwise known as Prevacid and Axid and then Nexium). I was reticent to medicate a baby of five weeks old but we were told by his pediatrician, an ENT and a pediatric gastroenterologist that there was no other option. These drugs work by decreasing the amount of stomach acid your body produces in order to lessen the inevitable damage and allow the muscle (called a “sphincter”) connecting the esophagus to the stomach to heal. Our son had reflux episodes when laughing, crying, running, in prone position or when doing anything that required abdominal muscles.

I learned of Dr. Saltzman through a friend when I had reached a point of desperation to help my son, who despite adult dosages of Nexium, was not improving, but rather, was suffering from the many sideeffects of long term Nexium usage. She encouraged me to wean him very gradually off of Nexium, to introduce a gluten free diet (and to discourage excessive dairy consumption) and gave him various supplements to ease his symptoms. I am happy to report that seven months subsequent to following all of Dr. Saltzman’s directives, our son no longer suffers from acid reflux. The sphincter muscle has closed properly. This was the greatest gift and relief to our family.

What makes Dr. Saltzman so tremendously unique is her unusual knowledge of several medical and nutritional approaches. She has extensive traditional western medical knowledge (as a trained M.D.) combined with the latest nutritional scientific findings and an incredible understanding of homeopathy. As a medical practitioner, she is kind, thoughtful, patient and wise. Dr. Saltzman is a compassionate, dynamic doctor who truly wants to help resolve medical issues and does so by examining every medical angle. We are so grateful to have had her help.

-The Kahn Family, New Rochelle, NY

Quote-sml“Every morning I wake up in fear that I’m fat again. After 20 years of trying every single diet out there, I have finally found a program that works for me! Dr. Saltzman’s First Line Therapy program is a plan that I can live with for the rest of my life! It is practical, easy, healthy, and the medical foods have made a huge difference in my ability to lose fat and keep it off. Unlike other weight loss programs, I have not lost muscle but increased my lean body mass. Dr. Saltzman has changed the way I exercise. Instead of 45 minutes of aerobics, I now spend only 15-20 minutes doing an aerobic routine that is much more efficient at burning fat. I feel and look great ! Dr. Saltzman has worked closely with me every step of the way to help me achieve my goals. She really does care about her patients and the proof is in the results. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

-Debbie Luna – Chestnut Ridge, NY

Quote-sml“Homeopathy has been an incredible healthcare alternative for my family over the last 12 years. We were originally referred to Dr. Susanne Saltzman when my son was 5 years old. He was in his first year of elementary school and had contracted strep throat 8 times during the course of the year. We were advised that should he need to be treated for strep throat once more; the conventional recommendation was to have his tonsils removed. In a desperate attempt to avoid surgery, I decided to see what alternative healthcare options were available. Dr. Saltzman treated my son, and the results were truly miraculous. Since then, she has treated our entire family for everything from ear infections, gastrointestinal issues, and yes, even asthma; all without the need for antibiotic and prescription medications.”

-Elizabeth B. (mother of three) – Westchester, NY

Quote-sml“Dr. Saltzman has been caring for our family with homeopathy for over a decade. My husband and I, and our four children have been transformed by her knowledge and great understanding of this profound medicine. From infant ear infections to neurological disorders to post-partum depression , she has been able to provide treatment through her remedies and/or herbal and dietary supplements. Our family has been able to avoid the need for antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs. Although we travel far for her visits, we don’t mind because of the excellent quality of care we receive from her. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Saltzman in our lives. I honestly don’t know what we would do without her!”

-Lisa Neve, Monmouth County, NJ

Quote-sml“I have known Dr. Saltzman for over three years. I first saw her for a medical issue that had confounded every doctor I had ever seen for my entire life. Using a simple homeopathic remedy, I was free of symptoms in about three weeks. Recently, I noticed I was experiencing dizziness, weight gain and high blood pressure. This time Dr. Saltzman recommended the First Line Therapy Program. The program is easy to follow, it suggests more food than I could eat and the medical foods shakes are delicious and filling. She also suggested the Pace exercise program. I work out at home three times a week for about 20 minutes. I lost 20 pounds in two and one-half months, my blood pressure dropped form 143/90 to 102/70, and I am in really good shape. Thanks Dr. Saltzman!”

-Joe B. – Age 68, Rivervale, NJ

Quote-sml“Dr. Saltzman has been treating my family for sixteen years. The homeopathic remedies she has prescribed have either cured or ameliorated many of the following acute or chronic illnesses: earaches, tonsillitis, asthma, allergies, ADHD, skin problems, menstrual problems, postpartum depression, grief, mood disorders, etc. In most cases, her treatments have enabled us to either reduce dependency on traditional drugs or to avoid them altogether. When Dr. Saltzman treats my children and me, she spends ample time getting to know us and pays special attention to all areas of development, especially the emotional component. She is an outstanding prescriber with an uncanny sense of how to help and heal others. Dr. Saltzman is an intelligent, resourceful, and caring physician.”

-Laurie Mandelbaum -(mother of three) – Westchester, NY

Quote-sml“I have used Dr. Saltzman numerous times through twenty years and her scope and ability to diagnose, not only me, but my daughter, with the correct homeopathic remedy or antibiotic when necessary is remarkable. She has gotten me out of back pain with herniated discs when standard medical practice could only offer me epidurals. Her knowledge helped my menopausal symptoms when I did not want to take hormones and she has gotten me through sinus infections, the flu, etc. Her greatest solve was when she diagnosed that my daughter not only had pneumonia, but indicated the type of bacteria growing in her lungs accurately. The pediatrician said he doubted that “mycoplasma” was growing in her lungs, but would reluctantly swab for it. Only 2 antibiotics work for mycoplasma. She nailed it. Mycoplasma it was.”

Joanne Cancro, Westchester, NY

Quote-sml“Although in my youth I was a trained athlete that has been an Nationally ranked athlete, I had by middle age through a combination of unhealthy eating, lack of exercise and an extremely stressful work and personal life (lost my wife due to recurring cancer bouts), ballooned up to 275 pounds. My earlier athletic background kept me immune to this unhealthy lifestyle for quite a long while, but suddenly in my early 60’s I suffered stomach problems, high cholesterol, and suddenly seemingly high blood pressure and on top of that I was a lifelong asthmatic.

A conventional doctor put me on blood pressure medicine, when in hindsight my blood pressure was probably normal for my age and weight. A year later right before New Year’s, I awoke up to a searing pain in my large toe. I had no idea what it was but was in agony. I learned I had developed gout most probably caused by the blood pressure medicine. The conventional medical treatment was to add another medicine, this one would require me to remain on it for the rest of my life, something I was not keen to do. Luckily by almost an accidentally meeting I was referred to Dr. Saltzman. She literally changed my life.

She did a complete endocrinology work up which she used to uncover the underlying root causes of all my health issues. She developed a treatment protocol of various nutritional supplements, the First Line Therapy program and an exercise program (The Pace Program) that completely transformed my life. Under her care for the past year and a half. I have completely changed my eating habits, lost 53 pounds, lowered my blood pressure by over 35 points to 118/62, now my cholesterol is in the normal range and eliminated any gout attacks, all through exercise, healthy eating, nutritional supplements and more importantly NO MEDICATIONS!!.

Dr. Saltzman always demonstrated her concern and interest in my returning to a healthy state by being extremely responsive to any of my or my second wife’s concerns and questions by promptly returning phone calls and often initiating calls to check on my progress.

As a lifelong asthmatic I unfortunately have dealt with quite a few doctors (Not any more) but I can honestly say I have never had a more attentive and caring physician.”

Ron M. Age 67; Hamden, CT

Quote-sml“My name is Chris F. I am 56 years old. I was born in Poland. My mother’s side was from East Prussia, now northeastern Poland. My father’s side was from northern Poland, now Lithuania.

Since the age of 45 I noticed that I was abnormally tired. I am a mechanical engineer and I own my own business. I often had to take naps during the day. On stressful days, the fatigue was worse. At that time I went to a doctor in functional medicine. They tested for blood lipids and food allergies. In spite of avoiding the foods that I tested sensitive for there was only minimal improvement. On the weekends I sail a single-handed boat, the Olympic class Finn. During regatta days I could never complete five races. I would sail back to shore exhausted after 2 races. During the week I do Pilates and yoga. I had to take a nap before sessions in order to complete the hour of exercise.

In June 2016 I saw Dr. Saltzman and learned I have pernicious anemia and low vitamin B12. For the past two months I have taken B12 under the tongue, plus other supplements in conjunction with the B12. Dr. Saltzman also convinced me that a low carb diet would help me. To my surprise, not eating carbohydrates has increased my energy, my mood has improved, and it turned 2-1/2 pounds of fat into muscle.

After two months, I sail five races on a Sunday with energy to spare. I rarely need a day-time nap during the week. I feel like I am 4O years old again. I hope, and really expect to return to where a work day wears me down but I still feel the need to swim or bike – the way I felt when I was 35.”

Chris F. Age 56;