“The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work.  It cannot be trusted to be transparent.  The CDC cannot be trusted to police itself.”

William W. Thompson, PhD
Senior Scientist and Whistleblower
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Once in awhile something comes along that is so powerful it’s like a tsunami and creates a sea change from which there is no going back. I believe that the documentary VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe may be just that. This remarkable and shocking film produced by Polly Tommey, mother of an autistic child, Del BigTree, award winning medical journalist, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, academic gastroenterologist, is about an alleged cover-up by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The events are described in detail by its senior scientist turned whistleblower, Dr. William W. Thompson who admitted to taking part in the “slicing and dicing” and destruction of crucial data from a 2004 CDC study linking the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to autism.

The May edition of the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine presents the first part of a 2-part review of this important documentary. Because the information in this film is so far reaching in its possible effects on the conventional medical/pharmaceutical establishment’s iron grip on every aspect of our health and disease treatments and because the public’s deference to this establishment is so strong, the intense pressure to keep this film out of the public view (see In The News – AJHM – May 2016) may mean that many of us may never get to see it which is why I have painstakingly gone to the trouble of reviewing it in detail.

For over two hundred years, as homeopathic physicians, we have been keenly aware of the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that occur in our patients’ health as a result of stress, poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins and iatrogenic interventions especially the side effects from pharmaceutical drugs.  Because we are trained in the uniquely phenomenological science of homeopathic medicine, our skills of observation are often more finely honed than those of our allopathic brethren. We observe and note down every detail of our patients’ mental/emotional and physical symptoms so that we can find the “similar” remedy from our vast pharmacopeia. We note especially any changes in individuals from their normal healthy state. Because we believe that the body has an innate intelligence, we see these changes or symptoms as the body’s way of defending itself against some internal or external stress.  Rather than suppress these symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, we seek to support the body’s defense mechanism, an intricate and brilliant adaptive network.(2) We use our homeopathic medicines, nanodoses of natural substances, to trigger this adaptive network, facilitating the healing process.

As physicians, we have become increasingly alarmed by the worsening state of health that we see in many of our patients. While twenty-five years ago it was common for many of us to see children with ear infections, allergies and asthma, today we see five to ten year old children with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, a shocking number of children with autism and far too many adults with cancer and/or autoimmune diseases. As homeopathic physicians, we have witnessed the parallel and widespread increase in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines in younger and younger children that we intuitively know – and clinically observe – are having deleterious effects on our patients’ health. We especially worry about the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in infants and toddlers, because we observe the weakening of their immune systems that occur over time.

We share with our allopathic colleagues the knowledge of the importance of certain vaccines for public health as well as the desire for the safest vaccines possible. But as homeopathic physicians, we have been especially concerned with the increasing number of vaccines that are given to infants and children – a tripling of vaccine products since 2005 alone.(3)  We have noticed that many children will invariably become ill within a few days to weeks of a vaccine. We are not surprised when the child’s first ear infection, bout of eczema or appearance of blood in the stool often occurs within days to weeks of their immunizations. Because we trust a parent’s intuitive “knowing,” we listen carefully and take seriously their concern that something isn’t right with the child since the vaccine. “She’s not babbling like she used to,” or  “He is not making eye contact like he did before,” are typical comments. We are shocked and dismayed to hear that the pediatrician has often discounted the parents’ observations and denied any possible connection between the change in the child and the vaccines.

We ask certain questions that most of our allopathic colleagues have not asked, either because they are not listening to the parents, observing the children closely enough, or – more likely – because they are indoctrinated into a medical system that does not even question the effects of multiple pharmaceutical drugs and/or vaccines in such delicate, immunologically immature little beings.

As homeopathic physicians we have continued to ask: What is it about the vaccine that could be affecting the child? Is it the preservatives in the vaccines such as thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. that some babies react badly to? Is it the onslaught of several vaccines at once that are overwhelming their delicate immune systems? Why do we observe that certain vaccines- such as the DPT and MMR – cause more problems than others? Through the years we have also observed that some babies are more susceptible to side effects from vaccines and we understand that every child is genetically, biochemically, and constitutionally unique. We caution parents to be careful, to trust their intuition and keep searching for a pediatrician who will listen, respect, and work with them carefully to space out the vaccines so that we can monitor any possible reaction and give the baby’s body a chance to adjust.  Our patients are often grateful that they have finally found a doctor who is willing to listen and take them seriously.

And we continue to throw up our hands with exasperation and ask,  “Why aren’t the majority of physicians asking these same questions?”

Through the years, as the scientific studies showing no link between the vaccines and autism were published, many of us were suspicious because the conclusions of these studies did not “jive” with our own clinical experiences. What we observed with our eyes (the children) and heard with our ears (the parents) told a very different story.

Now we learn that the governmental agency charged with protecting the public health – the CDC – may have known about a vaccine-autism connection all along – at least – since November 2001, and allegedly discarded this data to keep the information hidden. This is absolutely appalling in light of the explosion of autistic cases since 2002.  (See graph, below)

The review of the film VAXXED in these next two editions will document this alleged crime in detail.

In an effort to bring attention to the scientific myths that continue to fuel the irrational fear of certain infectious diseases such as measles, we have published a piece on “The Current Measles Craze” by homeopathic physician, Dr. Richard Moskowitz, our vaccine-expert-and-voice-of-reason extraordinaire. In a future edition of this journal, we will be reviewing a book called “Dissolving Illusions,” by Suzanne Humphries, MD, (4) a nephrologist who began observing severe kidney problems in her patients after they received certain vaccines but when she presented these findings to many of her colleagues, they were largely ignored(5). She then left a successful hospital practice to research the history of infectious diseases and vaccines and what she discovered will give us pause.

In next month’s edition of the  American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine we will be publishing a case of a child with autism by Dr. Amy Rothenberg. In the face of the shocking and tragic revelations from this film, it was the intent of this journal to show the reader that there is indeed hope for many of these autistic children in the form of homeopathic medicine and we will be publishing more of these cases in future editions.

In the meantime, may the information in this e-journal inspire you, the reader, to always be an advocate for your family’s health (and your own!), to trust your intuition no matter what any doctor tells you and to remember that the human body is infinitely intelligent because it was made in the likeness and image of a power far greater than our own.


nymc-Logo-250Susanne Saltzman, MD
Editor,  American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine

Article first published in the May edition of the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine

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A Frightening Trend - Autism Diagnoses Rising


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